Building Preventative Maintenance Programs

We will develop a preventative maintenance plan that is customized specifically for your equipment.  Our PM plans are designed to maximize the life span of your system and ensure it is operating efficiently.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Annual service and clean of boilers: blow out burners and perform a complete combustion analysis to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Annual clean out and flush of hot water tanks.

  • Annual test of backflow prevention device according to municipal bylaws; report provided.

  • Quarterly check of boiler and hot water tank safety controls to confirm proper operation.

  • Quarterly inspection of pumps to confirm operation is in accordance with manufacture’s service recommendations. 

  • Quarterly replacement of micron filters and o-rings.

  • Quarterly water samples to confirm chemical treatment and ph.

  • Once a month system checks to observe mechanical operation, check for leaks, verify boiler control settings, verify water to air levels in expansion tank and document operating parameters in on-site log book.