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Smart Water Leak and Freeze Protection

You can now leave your home in perfect peace of mind. We install smart water leak protection systems that monitor and control leaks and temperature 24 hours a day. The valve and 5 smart detectors ensure the closure of the main water supply as soon as a leak or low temperature is detected, thus preventing costly damages. An audible alarm alerts you and an e-mail or text message notification is sent to you as soon as a water leak or a drop in temperature occurs.  The app is easy to use and allows you to not only monitor, but also open or close the main water shut-off to your home at any time.

Starting at $719 installed

Ideal for: house, cottage, vacation home, multi-unit and commercial building managers.


  • Automatic shut-off valve

  • Up to 5 sensors

  • Labour and installation materials

  • Water leak protection app and set-up

How it works

  1. The sensors detects a leak or low temperature (3deg C) and send a closing signal to the valve.

  2. The valve closes and sends a signal to your phone through Wi-Fi network and internet connection.

  3. You receive an e-mail or text message notification telling you where the leak is coming from and that the main water supply was closed.



Zero damage protection
Whenever a leak or low temperature is detected, the valve closes automatically, with or without internet and even during power outage.

100% Standalone
No management fees, no repeater or gateway to buy or install.  Only the leak detectors and valve are needed for your smart protection system to work.

Ultra-precise captors
A minimum water level of 0.4mm can be detected.

Compact design
Can be installed in the most hard to reach locations.

Always ready
Equipped with self-testing system ensuring proper operation of your valve at all times

Identify the source right away
Name each detector in the app to know where the leak is happening as soon as it’s detected.

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